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 Why this Forum is Important

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PostWhy this Forum is Important

Why WWWS is Important

Every single one of our institutions and belief systems is under a sophisticated dialectical attack, intended to make the American people confused, exhausted and capitulate to a world view that philosopher Paulo Freire refers to as “Magical Thinking” (discussed further in video below).

In Freire's stages of Critical Consciousness, he describes the state of "Semi-Intransitivity," which is where magical concepts takes hold and reality is lost. In this state, discernment is difficult, People confuse their perceptions of the object and challenges of the environment, and fall prey to magical explanation because they cannot apprehend true causality (ie. ”magical thinking”).

I am concerned that we are now seeing this state of "Semi-Intransitivity "take-hold in Americans everywhere, especially with the proliferation of Internet, Television and Radio false actors (e.g. Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity et al.) and various new age books & documentaries, etc.

In order to avoid this trap of “Semi-Intransitivity” and the resulting "magical thinking," we must attain what Freire calls “Conscientization” for the masses, which is learning to accurately perceive social, political and economic contradiction and to take actions against the oppressive elements of reality - what some may refer to as "critical consciousness".

In order to move to "Critical Consciousness," assistance through education is required, and unshackeled education is what this forum hopes to provide to those willing to remove the mental blinders.

"For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root."
David Thoreau (1817-1862)
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Why this Forum is Important

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