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 Forum Rules

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PostForum Rules

The goal of this forum is to understand the Universal Truths of our World, irrespective of what one may already know or understand. We are not here to placate people living inside existing Vectors within the Simulacrum, or those who espouse Elite Programming. We are here to break-out of these shackles.

The rules here are simple:

1. Only Adults and Adult Conversations are tolerated.

This means posters here are expected to tolerate others, and their views. Pissing on other people and their posts is simply not going to fly here.

2. Be Courteous!

Moderation is minimal. There will not be any heavy handed big brother shit here. So, we will respect you if you respect others. Disrespect will simply not be tolerated.

3. Do Your Own Research!

While it's always nice when someone spoon feeds others with links and endless references, posters here are expected to learn on their own.

4. Stay Focused!

Threads are expected to remain on-point. If you want to go-off, then feel free, just start another thread. We don't wanted to see a lot of meaningless banter in the any of the forums other than the Casual Conversations forum.

5. Political Bullshit stays in the Domestic Affairs forum

If you're a freaking political activist then you're probably in the wrong place. But if you want to discuss political candidates and traditional domestic issues, then keep it in the Domestic Affairs forum.

6. You Must Think!

Bottom line, little to no tolerance will be given to people who are not serious about breaking-out of their manufactured vectored world.

7. Use of Group Control & Propaganda Techniques are not Tolerated.

Propaganda techniques such as use of ad hominems, etc. are simply not be tolerated. Further, techniques found in the Delphi Method of Group Control are also highly offensive and will be called-out immediately. This includes behavior such as framing a single member in a negative light and calling on others to chastise that member, or attempting to segment the group in any way. These are traditional method of COINTEL and there is simply no room for that behavior, and it will not go unnoticed.

So, if there are things that will not be tolerated here, it is discourteous members; member who employ techniques of control, and members who are unwilling to educate themselves about Elite methods of control and about the Simulacrum we live in.

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Re: Forum Rules
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Re: Forum Rules
Post Sat 24 Oct 2009, 9:51 am by ScoutsHonor
Well done!
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Forum Rules

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