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 "Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.

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"Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.  Empty
PostSubject: "Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.    "Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.  EmptyThu 01 Aug 2013, 9:04 am

They say energetically intensive companies and their suppliers are curtailing production in Germany. No wonder! My farm is no plant of course but it also demands lots of energy. And I'll have to shut it soon. That' really a tough decision for me for I've spent hell of money and effort to make this small farm of mine a real business.
          I started it 15 years ago and 5 years later our stupid officials initiated that new energy line. I mean they dropped coal, gas and nuclear projects to launch it anew with power of wind, sun and other rubbish..... you know ..... to supply the country with electricity. Well, all my friends-farmers got immediately green due to this "green power"! That's been really bunch of problems we are having since then! The system has been far from perfect so far! From the very start we faced occasional blackouts and so we had to preserve gas consumption too as sort of magic steak in such accidents.  And these are additional money to be spent.... well... plus  extra charges  for "green power"!
In fact the federal structures established some fixed costs for "green power" but they turned out to be higher than the market prices.  Actually energy companies buying "green electricity" got the right to make the burden of the emerging additional expenditure totally on the shoulders of the consumers, private ones mostly! What's alarming is that those extra charges are being constantly on the rise. Last year for instance they took off up to 50%! Only huge businesses trading their produce on the international markets are allowed not to pay the extra charges. My small farm isn't the case of course and so I have to survive through this whole mess now. I'd rather live next door to some NPP.....
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"Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: "Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.    "Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.  EmptySat 03 Aug 2013, 4:19 pm

I think these 1-post-wonders must be hired-operatives who merely populate forums like this with content that they are supplied from think-tank creators. I've hired operators like this in the past for business-marketing purposes, and they are very affordable. It just doesn't look like to me that Ottos wrote this post, nor did it look like any of the myriad of 1-posters wrote their posts that have since been deleted from this site. I'll leave this one in tact in order to keep this message online. If I'm wrong about the post and about Ottos, then Ottos is welcome and encouraged to contact me via PM and I will publicly apologize.

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"Green power" is slipknot for German farmers.
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