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 Cyber War movie tells it like it is

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Cyber War movie tells it like it is Empty
PostSubject: Cyber War movie tells it like it is   Cyber War movie tells it like it is EmptyTue 26 Apr 2011, 6:23 pm

Stumbled on this 2004 movie recently and was blown away by this clip, and the movie, in general. They alway bury the good stuff in B & C-rate movies and material. It's my assessment that they do this so as to make it seem less credible. I mean, what credible person would go around saying that a movie like this is spewing real insight. People would look at you like a nutcase, which is exactly the intent.


What's key to understand here, is that the grand design is distributed across various companies, nation-states, nonprofit organizations, and rogue actors. It's a puzzle, where one must view the totality of actors in order to discern the system. It's as if the master plan was created, and then various pieces doled-out to various parties who are meant to appear as unconnected or disassociated. With this approach, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to explain the prove the existence of a grander plan.

This is critical to understand, because for example, as we currently see in the Middle East (and as commented-on in another thread here), the states and leaders are meant to appear to be independent acting parties moving in their own best interest. But in reality, its a coordinated show for the public, with actors motions coordinated from behind the scenes. But who would believe such a notion?

PS. The movie can be found on the torrents and via Netflix. I recommend viewing the movie on a rainy wkend day, as there are lots of little tidbits that are given away.

"For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root."
David Thoreau (1817-1862)
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Cyber War movie tells it like it is
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