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 Network (the movie), TV & Psywar

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PostSubject: Network (the movie), TV & Psywar   Wed 20 Jan 2010, 8:30 pm

This movie was an excellent commentary on our society and how things are really run today. For example:

  • the public (ie. the studio audience) are irrelevant bystanders who merely respond to handlers who tell them when and how to act.
  • TV media is merely a device of public control, and any semblance of truth is irrelevant. But most importantly, TV never provides the public with any information that may actually impact the running of society by the aristocracy.
  • Only the old dinosaurs in the TV news division still believed content was important. We see them being plowed under like an endangered species. And we see that the new TV execs don't care about content at all (Marshall McLuhan's "the medium is the massage [sic]" is second nature to them), for these new execs seek-out any nutcase that might attract TV ratings and who are willing to sell the Establishment's message.
  • Media personalities (those in front of the camera) are merely actors who carry-out the directions of their Establishment bosses.

The CCA Deal, The Establishment, and the Psywar:

At one point in the movie Howard Beal does some of his own research and announces the 'CCA deal' of selling substantial shares of the network to the Saudis. Beal exposes this on his Television show and gets the public to stop the deal. For some reason the movie-going audience largely misses the point that what happened there was Beal did something effective that really hurt a serious Establishment plan. His controllers hadn't anticipated that.

In response, the movie-audience is taken straight to the Establishment's point-man, Jensen (ie. the famous board room scene). In the board room scene Jensen converts Beal to believing that he's been a fool and that the Establishment is already omnipotent, and that the Establishment were in control 'since man crawled out of the slime'.

But what Beal and the movie-audience fail to comprehend is that on the way in to the board room Jensen tells Beal that he got his start as a salesman: 'they say I can sell anything Mr. Beal. Now I'd like to sell you something.' Beal and the movie-audience fail to understant that Jensen is simply selling something... it's a sales pitch... a Psyop. Instead, both Beal and the movie-audience take the sales-pitch as truth, buying into Jensen's speech about the all-powerful Establishment's power. That's the beauty of the scene, and the brilliance of Chayevsky (playwright and screenwriter) as a Psyop artist, for no one questions the authenticity of the statements made by Jensen, even though the clues are right there, for Jensen TELLS Beal and the movie-audience that it's a sales pitch!

As a result of Jensen's board room sales pitch, Beal willingly starts preaching Jensen's dismal construct of the world as real truth. Beal's audience responds negatively and the show ratings obviously plummet, and the Network execs plot to have Beal killed rather than cancel the show.

In summary, what really happened is that Beal impacted the Establishment's plans by communicating truth to his audience, which ultimately killed the 'CCA deal'. Jensen intervened, converting Beal's television show content in to a fallacy, which Beal in-turn sold as truth to his audience. Then Jensen kept Beal's show on the air in order to push (ie. psychically drive) this fallacy. That's how the Psywar works: content manufactured by Establishment members are psychically driven in to television/radio show audiences by media-men who sell the content as truth to their audiences.

"Television is democracy at its ugliest."
- Paddy Chayevsky, Screen Writer, Network (the movie)
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Network (the movie), TV & Psywar
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