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 Kyiv military shouldn't be supplied with modern western weapons

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PostSubject: Kyiv military shouldn't be supplied with modern western weapons   Wed 20 Aug 2014, 8:22 am

Kyiv military shouldn't be supplied with modern western weapons 'course they are selling them to Ukrainian separatists and whoever else.

When at last our NATO top brass comer to senses, I wonder? They are crazy about profitable supplies of weapons and they don't bother who actually those recipients are. I remember quite well how those nutty Georgians during the August war of 2008 just dropped the vehicles stuffed with most sophisticated surveillance equipment supplied by Americans to them. This equipment was seized by local Abkhaz people or Russian military.
Now it's just the same thing we witness in Ukraine. There military servicemen in that Kyiv national guard (they call their regular army so) are being always hungry! Really, they are starving but they are rather well equipped by NATO countries! So those poor guys sell their NATO military equipment to get money or change this equipment for food! They are trying to survive just! And they sell it to separatists or whoever else.
Wella, my buddy was working there in Ukraine in Red Cross unit or sort of it... some team involved in medical humanitarian project in Ukraine. And so he was offered to buy a good gun and a couple of grenades! He joked that he would be happy with some modern portable rocket launcher. Fancy they took it as real and were quick to assure him they'd deliver him the thing for 500 bucks or so. Some guy working in the team bought for a song just some really cool special equipment of night vision of German make. Paradoxically, the most go-go trade in armaments Kyiv national guard have with the Ukrainian separatists!
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Kyiv military shouldn't be supplied with modern western weapons
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