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 Activities of Kyiv in eastern Ukraine leave no illusions - it's classical fascist junta.

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PostSubject: Activities of Kyiv in eastern Ukraine leave no illusions - it's classical fascist junta.   Fri 18 Jul 2014, 9:00 am

When at last international community cast its eye on the atrocities by Kyiv government forces (national guard they call it) in eastern Ukraine? They are beasts! When they won Kramatorsk they raided the houses of the fighters (you call them separatists or terrorists even!). They were well aware of the exact addresses! The fighters' relatives were severely beaten up, raped or taken away to some unknown places! I've got a friend Victor who's such a fighter, now defending Lugansk from those beasts. There was his 17 aged daughter in Kramatorsk who stayed in the city to take care after her aged granny, very ill and unable to walk. The old woman was killed. They put a pillow on her face and kept it there until she stopped breathing. And the girl survived by miracle just. She was raped by those beasts and beaten up, her face still in bruises and she looks like an aged woman. She used to be a real beauty....
Who's to answer for this and other wild things in wake of the government "mission to bring order to the eastern Ukraine"? Where are those EU humanitarian representatives? I believe now that Europeans just don't want to know the truth about the events in the Ukraine!! That's it! They are just bowing to Americans and they are really scary of Hiroshima Americans may well make it for them in case they start some independent line!
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PostSubject: Re: Activities of Kyiv in eastern Ukraine leave no illusions - it's classical fascist junta.   Mon 06 Oct 2014, 8:43 am

Such words as democracy or EU-integration don't fit current Ukraine imo. In late Sept. I happened to be a participant of the Spanish team at the Kiev forum organized by DEMYC under the motto "Current security challenges in Europe". In Kiev we met some officials representing the authorities and they were somewhat irrelevant imo .... wella .... telling lots of lies and continually persuading us the Crimea was seized by Russian troops. I was there in Sevastopol and other Crimean cities with some Italian guys as an observer during independence referendum and I saw nothing of the kind there, no Russian troops at all!
Then, I got to know that Kiev ministers are launching quite legally law to actually introduce slavery in Ukraine!! I think that "involvement in forced labor activities without any compulsory consent on part of a person" amounts to slavery! Then I understood at last that Ukraine is just sliding to fascism treating most people as slaves and based on huge bunch of lies.
Unfortunately, Spain had this sort of experience but it relates to the past and Ukraine has it now! Students, people having small businesses and other will be forced in some labor brigades to do some necessary for the state job against their will only because Kiev's state coffers are empty! Can you fancy the thing? I'm sure this amounts to gross violation of European convention to defend rights and freedoms of a person.
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Activities of Kyiv in eastern Ukraine leave no illusions - it's classical fascist junta.
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