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PostSubject: Sociocybernetics   Sociocybernetics EmptySat 20 Oct 2012, 1:39 am

Sociocybernetics is an independent chapter of science in sociology based upon the General Systems Theory and cybernetics.

Sociocybernetics has a basis in Organizational Development (OD). The International Sociological Association has a specialist research committee in the area – RC51 – which publishes the (electronic) Journal of Sociocybernetics.

The term "socio" in the name of sociocybernetics refers to any social system (as defined, among others, by Talcott Parsons and Niklas Luhmann).

The idea to study society as a system can be traced back to the origin of sociology when the emergent idea of functional differentiation has been applied for the first time to society by Auguste Comte.

The basic goal for which sociocybernetics was created, is the production of a theoretical framework as well as information technology tools for responding to the basic challenges individuals, couples, families, groups, companies, organizations, countries, international affairs are facing today.

Sociocybernetics analyzes social 'forces'

One of the tasks of sociocybernetics is to map, measure, harness, and find ways of intervening in the parallel network of social forces that influence human behavior. Sociocyberneticists' task is to understand the guidance and control mechanisms that govern the operation of society (and the behavior of individuals more generally) in practice and then to devise better ways of harnessing and intervening in them – that is to say to devise more effective ways to operate these mechanisms, or to modify them according to the opinions of the cyberneticist.

Sociocybernetics aims to generate a general theoretical framework for understanding cooperative behavior.

It claims to give a deep understanding of the General Theory of Evolution. The outlook that Sociocybernetics uses when analyzing any living system lies in a Basic Law of SocioCybernetics. It says: All living systems go through five levels of interrelations (social contracts) of its subsystems:

A. Aggression: survive or die
B. Bureaucracy: follow the norms and rules
C. Competition: my gain is your loss
D. Decision: disclosing individual feelings, intentions
E. Empathy: cooperation in one unified interest

Going through these five phases of relationship theoretically gives the framework for the sociocybernetic study of any evolutionary system. It serves as an "equation for life."

the evolution of organic societies into our current, vastly destructive, hierarchical societies - over millennia - has also taken place through some ... (almost cancerous?) ... unstoppable autopoietic process. If we are to halt this process ... which is about to destroy us as a species, probably carrying the planet as we know it with us, it will be necessary to map and find ways of intervening in the sociocybernetic processes involved. No centralised system-wide, command-and-control oriented, change will suffice. Systems intervention requires complex systems-oriented intervention targeted at nodes in the system, not system-wide change based on "common sense".
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