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 Flu Hype is Back Again

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PostSubject: Flu Hype is Back Again   Flu Hype is Back Again EmptyFri 24 Aug 2012, 9:51 am

Daily Dose with William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

The next flu frenzy will be another flu lie

Bird flu... swine flu... and now... SEAL flu???

Sounds like a joke, but that's the next big panic as researchers claim seals -- the animals, not the Navy super warriors -- have a form of flu that may eventually spread to humans.

If that's not enough to get people worried, they're still pumping up swine flu, with reports of a supposedly dangerous new variant.

And just in case you forgot about bird flu, nearly every major media organization recently ran stories on the "race" to develop a vaccine for the virus before it's "too late."

Are we supposed to believe they all came up with this idea on their own, at once? Or were they spoon-fed the details as part of the annual flu shot propaganda drive?

Just take a look at the calendar and you'll know the answer, because summer is winding down and flu shot season is about to get into full swing.

That means all these flu stories -- whether they're about this year's flu, last year's flu or some vague future threat of bird, pig, and seal flus -- are really just a way to prime the market.

People read about all these diseases coming their way and their first instinct is to protect themselves the only way they know how -- with flu shots, even if the current shots aren't actually designed to protect against all these other flus.

You can bet those shots are coming soon. But as I've been telling you over the years, flu shots simply don't work no matter which flu they claim to protect against. The rates of infection among the vaccinated and unvaccinated are so similar -- and so low -- that you can skip the shot this year, next year and any other year.

But I'm not about to leave you high and dry here. You CAN protect yourself from flu, and you can do it without a vaccine. Remember what mom told you instead--wash your hands. Then build up your immune system with nutrients. There's one vitamin that's proven to be 800 percent more effective than the flu shot, and Douglass Report readers already know all about it -- I had the full story in my January 2011 issue.

Health Nazis claim another victim

Let's get this clear right off the bat: Your boss has NO right to tell you what to do in your spare time, especially when it comes to perfectly legal behavior. Whether you like to race model airplanes, read books, or smoke cigarettes, that's YOUR RIGHT, not his business.

But that right is going up in smoke.

Just ask Stephanie Cannon, a former receptionist at Park Nicollet Health Services, which is part of the Frauenshuh Cancer Center in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. She was FIRED for the crime of lighting up -- not at work, not on work property, not even on her breaks from work away from the office.

She was fired for smoking at home.

Her bosses say it's because she smelled like cigarettes, and you can't have that at a cancer center -- never mind that tobacco alone has never been proven as a cause of cancer. Even the studies that do claim to find a link don't distinguish the chemicals put into mass-produced cigarettes from the tobacco itself.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of evidence that tobacco can actually prevent some forms of cancer -- not to mention protect the heart and brain and even keep diseases such as Parkinson's and dementia at bay.

Want to know more? I've written a book on it...literally. Read this.

But that's beside the point, because even if smoking is the worst thing in the world, it's still perfectly legal -- for now -- and she was doing it on her own time in her own home.

And yet she was FIRED for it. Not only that, but her boss is getting away with it, too: Trashing smokers has become so politically correct that not even the ACLU will defend Stephanie.

Murderers? Sure. Smokers? No way!

Don't dismiss this if you don't smoke yourself. You can bet that next it'll be people who drink... even a little. Or eat "bad" foods. Or race model airplanes, read books -- whatever it is you enjoy, someone will find fault with it and fire you for it.

And when that happens, you won't even be able to complain about it -- because that right will be gone too.

Burning with anger,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

WC Douglass, M.D. TheDouglassReport@newmarkethealth.com
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Flu Hype is Back Again
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