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 One of my all time favorite songs

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One of my all time favorite songs Empty
PostSubject: One of my all time favorite songs   One of my all time favorite songs EmptyWed 08 Aug 2012, 1:30 pm

Reckoner - Radiohead live from the basement

Watchin High Def!


Can't take it with you
Dancing for pleasure

You are not to blame for
Bittersweet distractor
Dare not speak its name
Dedicated to all human beings

Because we separate
Like ripples on a blank shore
(in rainbows)
Because we separate
Like ripples on a blank shore

Take it with you
Dedicated to all human beings

One Interpreteation [that I happen to like]...
Okay being a Radiohead fan i have trouble even believing my own interpretation of this song but here it goes,... I study physics in my spare time; weird i know, but physicist have discovered that there is no real truth only probability, a sort of reckoning where each experience takes the relative individuals own input to trans mutate the world into REALITY, The source of yourself is pure and infinite but when placed into the human body you become tainted by the environment, routine, and social conditioning. With that said I believe the RECKONER is you, the real you, the infinite and God like you, your source but this God like you is SEPARATED from the human you at birth "like ripples on a blank shore".. The separation is why "you are not to blame for","bittersweet distractor". the distractor is the sum of all human beings collective consciousness. The line "you cant take it with you" i believe refers to, in death you cant take the irrelevant beliefs with you for your true spirit is divine and untainted by the corrupt world. So go and Dance For The Pleasure of your spiritual self. In the end of the song "take me with you" means Reunite Me With My True And Glorious Self.. "Dedicated to all human beings".... I have to admit at first i simply thought the Reckoner was God but things are never as simple as they seem.... I could be way off on this but who cares its my own unconscienceness that creates the truth anyways right?......

- Clint, Nashville, TN


"For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root."
David Thoreau (1817-1862)
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One of my all time favorite songs Empty
PostSubject: Re: One of my all time favorite songs   One of my all time favorite songs EmptyThu 09 Aug 2012, 12:31 pm

Lovely. What a magnificent voice and beautiful song.

Gracias Smile
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One of my all time favorite songs
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