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 Fines and such

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PostSubject: Fines and such   Fines and such EmptyMon 05 Dec 2011, 9:30 pm

I have a question for those that may know.

As corporations are fined for breaking this or that statute, I would like to know where the money goes? My thoughts are that multinational companies are fined knowingly to contribute back to the system to help those that they conspire with within the halls of power. I think that several of these CEO/politicians/bankers agree to take a fine to contribute back to the system that has given them favors. Its also great at producing the illusion of justice. I dont believe that most of the BOD within these multinationals care that they get fined but that it is just a setup to give back to others some back door funding. Facebook fined for privacy invasion, sure? What is their benefit? They get to push the envelope on privacy issues, pay the fine to those in power to do whatever they want with it (favors and such). I never hear of what branch gets the money from the fine only that its $XXXXXXXXX. Where does the money go?

I just read about BP and Haliburton producing some staged noise about whose fault the oil spill was, if there was one. I guess its time to pay someone off and they have to do it out in public rather than risk funny money accounting tricks.

I hope someone else can give me their thoughts or research ideas with regards to this.
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PostSubject: Re: Fines and such   Fines and such EmptyFri 09 Dec 2011, 11:26 am

Well it goes back to the government, so that is evil enough as far as I'm concerned. I know you were looking for specifics, sorry I don't have any. The fines are quite good for them for various reasons like you said, they can work with CEOs, they can use them as excuses to move towards nationalization, and they can use them to bludgeon business who don't want to play their game, or if they simply don't want to the competition.

In my city there is one music venue that has been around for quite some time, any time some competition pops up within a couple years it is inevitably shut down for tax fraud or selling alcohol for minors. Everyone who works in the local music scene knows this, and obviously the city government has to be involved.

The thing is the music venue that has been around is well known for getting minors drunk, when I was in high school it was THE 16 year old hang out. That's just corruption of one relatively small city, corruption is EVERYWHERE. I think the money itself is the vessel of corruption, too much money and the corruption becomes inevitable.
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Fines and such
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