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 matriarchal NWO, and theosophy

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matriarchal NWO, and theosophy Empty
PostSubject: matriarchal NWO, and theosophy   matriarchal NWO, and theosophy EmptyWed 12 Oct 2011, 12:37 pm

Hey folks, I am here to take the next step for you folks out there, as we have long known the elites' methods, they infiltrate all sides of everything. My point here is not to point fingers, but more so to outline an agenda where I see the truth movement headed. Bear with me here as it may take me a while to explain this. The Truth Movement is being used, as Alice Bailey's Externilization of the Hierarchy. To tear down the old system, in order to bring in the new system ("order through chaos"). This way, they can allow the people to THINK they are defeating the global agenda, when in reality they'r rolling out the red carpet for the agenda.

Ok, so next stage, lets analyze what all your cointelpro gurus are promoting, something that doesn't add up here.... They are all promoting matriarchy, and theosophical beliefs (and theosophy is a feminist religion also). In today's society, women are put up on a pedistal and are heavily priveledged, in courts, in laws, in nearly every aspect of society. I've looked at this objectively on both sides, now if your talking about the middle east or something, women are shat on in the middle east, or even in places like China with the 1 child policy and people wanting baby boys to carry on their family names...

But in westernized societies it's the exact opposite. We're technically already under a matriarchy. All the pressure is put on men, to be successful. Feminism gave women the ability to compete for men's jobs, without having to give up the perks of being a woman (and with few exceptions, men still carry the dangerous jobs, making men the disposable gender).. Basically having the best of both worlds and leaving men with nothing. Men do longer sentences than women do for the same crimes, we live in a society where if a woman hits a man, people just assume the man did something to deserve it because he's a man. And manginas go along with this too. Everything is always considered to be the man's fault, always blaming the man for everything. Both men and women are contributing to domestic violence, however, we live with the notion that only men do it.

And we excuse this by saying "well men are stronger than women," yet that to begin with is a generalization.... But even the smaller person can always find equalizers, guns, knives, bats, cars, poison, etc etc. There are no shelters for men who've been battered, but we have tons of shelters for battered women. We are taught in schools "boys don't hit girls," instead of "people don't hit people."

We fund tons of money for breast cancer research, yet barely even acknowledge prostate cancer.

The television always paints men out to be imbuciles and dumber than a bag of hammers, so stupid that he can't beat his meat without hurting himself. Either that or as a psychopath... And with few exceptions, women are usually painted out as goddesses, morally and intellectually superior in every way.

Now the westernized 1st world nations are the trend setters, they lead the way and the lower nations always follow suit. So even in places that are patriarchal and oppressive towards women, such as the middle east, the war in the middle east is about forcing them to give up their culture in order to get them on the ball with the rest of the global agenda...Not that I agree with everything in their culture, hell all culture is given to the people anyways... However that isn't the point. So it's gonna go from a place that puts men above women, to a place that puts women above men. It's being americanized, turned into a westernized matriarchy.

But also, ask yourself, if women are so much more put down than men, as the feminist conditioning in society wouls have us assume, then why do men have a MUCH higher suicide rate?

I'm not taking sides or anything, I'm just spitting the facts. I know they play all sides, which is obviously why I don't get into the Men's Rights Movement (all movements are co-opted), but it shouldn't be too much to figure that they'd play favorites to one side for the agenda. And nobody wants to really question that they'd put women over men, that's taboo, right? Even talking about this stuff is a blow to the machismo ego, right? So, that's a tactic they can exploit. Because generally speaking, masculinity is a greater threat than femininity, or at least in the way. Masculinity is more likely to be resistant.

So you see there being an agenda to place women in higher positions of power (not that I have any problems with women being able to work the same jobs as men do, however, I don't think anyone should wanna be a leader in this system, but my point is in pointing out the agenda here).....

I have also began reading Men's Rights books, to investigate this deeper... I'm not taking sides, but (at least for now, since it's still early in the Men's Rights Movement) the MRM do have legitimate grievances, and more MRM authors are a lot more objective than feminist authors are. Make no bones about it though I'm not a Men's Rights activist, the MRM was put here too.... Because they want a gender war. But the names of these books, "The Manipulated Man," by Esthar Villar (female author, very good book, HARD TO FIND, banned in most book stores and libraries, I have a pdf), also "Myth Of Male Power," by Warren Farrell (who also served 3x on Board of National Organization for Women), and "The Woman Racket," by Steve Moxon (he explains the science behind a lot of this, there is a sub or semi-conscious prejudiced against low status males, males in general but mainly low status males, this prejudice is being used to attack masculinity).

Aquarius is of coarse where Zeus raped Ganymedes, which signifies emasculation. Occultically it would play out something like this, the sun is a male symbol, the moon a female symbol... On a compass, the right is the East, the left is the West. It emulates the coarse of the sun, for you see, civilization rose in the east and is setting in the west, the right wing ideologies representing the age we're moving out of, and the left, the age we are moving into. Civilization is now crashing in the west (USA), the sun has gone down and the moon has come up.

One thing i have known about the Truth movement is there are tons of quacks in the truth movement who do not practice what they preach, as I explained it to a friend in a rant where I was venting:

"They say theyr not feminist, but they defend matriarchy, they say theyr against eugenics, and hierarchy, and materialism, but they judge a man by his status with women or w/e for not being tall enough, rich enough, muscular enough, good looking enough, etc et etc (guys like myself are looked down on as "loosers," the same way the elites look down on THEM as "loosers"), they say theyr against the new age, but all the guru followers are promoting theosophical beliefs and people here even at outlaw are bogged down into this nature worship shit. It's like a fucking church full of hypocrites.

They all talk about self reflection, but it's a damn slogan. These folks are running around making up excuses why it's ok to date rape someone, or why it's ok to cheat on your partner without them knowing, all this promiscuous bullshit (which isn't the behavior of someone who is SOOOOO enlightened, mature, and awake). But, then they may parrot how this same behavior led to the breakdown of the family lol.... No, self reflection is just a slogan to these people, nothing less, nothing more. A slogan, plain and simple. They haven't worked on themselves for 5 minutes of their lives. Now 10 pts to you if you can answer who stated "we will have our NWO by slogans?" (sorry for my rant, I'm not ranting on you, I'm ranting TO you, as a friend, because I have to get this shit out of my system)... "

Actually, another good source to deconstruct social conditioning between the genders IMO is the TFL movement (True Forced Loneliness).
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Posts : 8
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matriarchal NWO, and theosophy Empty
PostSubject: Re: matriarchal NWO, and theosophy   matriarchal NWO, and theosophy EmptyWed 12 Oct 2011, 12:51 pm

And these gurus, they all promote theosophical beliefs, they are all heavily influenced by Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rolf Steiner, Manly P. Hall, high freemason theosophists. They all promote matriarchy and theosophy, here take a look at this quick list of names:

David Icke
Michael Tsarion
Arizona Wilder (aka former Ms. Icke, current Mrs. Kealey)
Credo Mutwa
Jordan Maxwell
Zacharya Sitchin
Russel Means (The Native American guy)
Malachi York (he's a lot like the black Glen Kealey, even gives u the same hermaphroditic clan mother myth, but he uses aliens instead of neanderthals)
Alan Watt (talks about lowering of male sperm count, but then blames it all back onto the patriarchy-- not saying we need a patriarchy either, point is he's shifting the focus back onto masculinity when he does this)
Glen Kealey
Rasa Von Werder
Acharya S.
Peter Joseph

Now that's just a fast run down, that is by no means the comprehensive list of names, it's just a rough list off top of my head here. The ONLY shill who speaks on the problems being lobbed at masculinity (that I know of) is Henry Makow, which is like 1 to 4,000,000,000... And Makow doesn't even go beyond the patriot bible-and-flag bullshit. But even a lot of other right wingers are attacking masculinity though, politicians like RP, Cynthia McKinney, promoting the VAWA Act (where is the VAMA act then? Hell men have been locked up on domestic assault charges merely for non-violently restraining violent women, both genders engage in this violent behavior)...

You can see they are making an active effort to paint the "road to ancient wisdom" to leading into a matriarchal NWO, which will eventually lead into the androgynous agenda... Another book I wanna get too (which none of the shills ever mentioned), is "Androgynous Democracy: Modern American Literature and the Dual-Sexed Body Politic" by Aaron Shaheen

(ok I was gonna post a link to that book but it says "new members aren't allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days")

Now, they are still men at the top, the real misogynists are at the top (though the common man is called a misogynist for merely standing up to misandry). However I would also venture to say these "elites" are somewhat gynocentric in a sense, something about men wearing dresses in public, eh? I think they have some sort of odd gender crisis going on or something... Theyr only placing women above men because they have an agenda, women are more susceptible to authoritarianism (generally speaking).

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matriarchal NWO, and theosophy
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