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 JONES calling for a Revolution

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JONES calling for a Revolution Empty
PostSubject: JONES calling for a Revolution   JONES calling for a Revolution EmptySun 02 Oct 2011, 4:09 pm

Alex Jones, screaming like the maniac he is, thinks he can start an American revolution now, with himself as the Leader. On his show today, he's exhorting all of his blinded followers to FOLLOW HIM and occupy the Fed, starting as of next weekend, I believe.

Amazing stuff to listen to and I'm sure many, many of his trusting followers will do just as he says, which is to show up in protests at various Feds next weekend.....He is truly a disgusting rabble-rouser and will cause a very dangerous response, I have no doubt.

This country's starting to reel; I recommend avoiding EVERY BIT of this 'activism' -and keep your feet on the ground and your loved ones close. (and (possibly) Pray, even if you're an atheist, as it just might help).
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JONES calling for a Revolution
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