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 The Super Congress We Did Not Elect

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PostSubject: The Super Congress We Did Not Elect   The Super Congress We Did Not Elect EmptyTue 02 Aug 2011, 9:33 pm

The Super Congress We Did Not Elect
The Huffington Post
Posted: 8/2/11

by: R. W. Sanders

Perhaps I was asleep, or have amnesia, or maybe I was abducted by aliens, but I don't remember ever having elected a Super Congress. However, apparently there will be a committee of twelve that will effectively run our country. That is, if Congress votes for the debt crisis solution posed by Obama and his fellow republicans.

On Sunday the president informed us that he, Mitch McConnel and John Boehner have reached a "compromise" to solve the debt ceiling crisis. This deal will consist of spending cuts only and no new revenues in the form of new taxes or even closing loopholes. In fact, the only thing the president won on this deal is that he won't have to raise the debt ceiling until 2013, after the next presidential election. According to the new deal, after immediate cuts of a trillion dollars over the next decade are instituted, the rest of the cutting will be done by a "Super Congress" made up of six Republicans and six Democrats. However, I have yet to hear who will pick the members. And if this new unelected committee is comprised like the "gang of six" or the original Simpson/Bowles debt reduction commission appointed by the president, then there will be six attack dog republicans and six democrats in name only. This is not representation of the electorate in any form or fashion.

A Great Victory For The Tea Party

Yes, once again our president who was elected as a Democrat has caved to the Republican Tea Party. This is beyond understanding. The Tea Party, which is made up of but a small segment of the Republican party, seems to now be in charge of our government. Not only can Boehner and McConnell not control this faction, but the president cannot either. This faction has taught us that, in this government, if you lay out ultimatums and you refuse to bend at all, that is the recipe for success. And what is most incredible is that this band of radicals, who don't believe in government and made up of mostly brand new congressmen, has pulled off a coup d' etat of sorts. They dictated terms and got everything they wanted and gave up nothing to the democrats or even to the more moderate members of the Republican party. And if they are prominent on the new "Super Congress", then they will certainly own that as well.

Government Without Representation

This "Super Congress" of twelve will recommend cuts that will basically go unchallenged. They must make their recommendations by Thanksgiving, then the congress must have up or down votes with no changes. A simple yes or no vote to enact new law with vast implications on the lives of every American. That this group will be appointed and not elected is bad enough, but if their cuts hopefully done with a scalpel are not voted in, there will be a trigger that takes effect and makes even more draconian cuts, most likely with a butcher knife or ax.


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The Super Congress We Did Not Elect
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