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 Lawnmower Man by Stephen King

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Lawnmower Man by Stephen King Empty
PostSubject: Lawnmower Man by Stephen King   Lawnmower Man by Stephen King EmptyTue 03 Nov 2009, 3:49 pm

Only just saw Lawnmower Man for the first time this past weekend. I highly recommend it for its predictive programming (precession of simulacra) value.

To kick off the thread, I'll refer to the following scene, which I was able to find on Youtube (skip to approximately 1min 10sec). Here, the test subject, who has gone from below average intelligence to advanced intelligence, tells the Doctor/Military Researcher that ...

".... and once inside the mainframe, I'll have access to over 5,000 databases, and from those 5,000, I can reach out again, and again, and again, eventually inhabitanting the entire planetary network. By the year 2001, there won't be a person who isn't hooked into it."

Remember, this movie was released in 1992. The Internet wasn't released for public use until 1995 or so, so this statement was keenly insightful, particularly his callout of the year 2001.

Watching the movie made me realize that the goal is to ultimately swallow all phsyical "reality" (whatever is left of it) with their controlled virtual reality, just as they have done with their FIRE economy swallowing the "real" economy, or manufacturing sector.
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Lawnmower Man by Stephen King
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