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 Magical technology

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PostSubject: Magical technology   Magical technology EmptyMon 26 Jul 2010, 11:01 am

Not sure where this fits best so I'll just post it here. I had the unfortunate experience of visiting the Apple store this weekend. While I was there I immediately noticed a big poster for the iPhone 4 with the slogan saying "A magical device at an incredible price". My memory might have failed me so that might not be an exact quote, but the word magical was what caught my attention. Some might say I am overreacting to a status quo marketing gimmick but this just really bothers me. Apple's foundation IMO is catering to the ignorance of it's users and this just further drives that point home. To me this is saying "don't bother understanding technology, it's magic" which I think you guys will agree is a very dangerous position to be in as it really opens the door for using that technology against us without people even knowing what is going on. I know Apple is fond of the word magic such as the "magic mouse" and other things.

It gets better (or worse really) when you look at the iPhone 4 and it's obvious reception problems. You have a clear cut design flaw and you have Apple/Steve Jobs treating their customers like morons saying they are holding the phone incorrectly. Then you still have thousands of people lining up to buy this crap, I do not understand these people. I guess I kind of understand technology so why would I? This also of course fits perfectly into the larger scheme of dumbing down society and taking advantage of their ignorance.
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Magical technology
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