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 Google IO Conference

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They Live

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Google IO Conference Empty
PostSubject: Google IO Conference   Google IO Conference EmptyFri 21 May 2010, 3:20 pm

Tell me, am I nuts or does this guy really look and act like a google VP of engineering? He looks more like an actor to me.

Vic Gundotra,
VP of Engineering, Google

I wonder about how many of the high level folks are inserted as fronts - how far does it go. I wondered about this guy's last name, because so many times the names are made-up, and here's what I found.


1. where, DOTRA = Department of Transportation

2. then see:

they're slogan is: "Path Pavers - Together Forever"

3. So, is this guy a path paver toward a "gun"? Or is he 'making a gun'? Is Google the 'gun'?

It's a bizarre process when one starts to go down these roads. I don't discount anything anymore.

Always the inside joke
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Google IO Conference Empty
PostSubject: Re: Google IO Conference   Google IO Conference EmptyFri 21 May 2010, 10:31 pm

I would suspect he's a highly-trained, motivational speaker. And I'd be willing to bet actual money that he's NOT anything even close to an engineer. Nope...

Nothing is ever as it seems with these weird folks; they all have a strange self-assurance; and this fellow reminds me very much of that "Jesse" guy from the DICE video. One real sick hombre, IMHO.
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Google IO Conference
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