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 Engdahl on Full Spectrum Dominance

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PostSubject: Engdahl on Full Spectrum Dominance   Engdahl on Full Spectrum Dominance EmptyFri 30 Oct 2009, 12:41 am

Here's William Engdahl on "Real" News introducing the term "Full Spectrum Dominance" (FSD) into the public consciousness via his new book. While FSD is clearly a Military Industrial Complex developed terms, Engdahl is attempting to explain it as a term that relates to US Domination of the Globe, and that is where the semantic deception lies, for it is a term that applies to domination of all countries across the Globe by the Globalist Establishment, including domination of the United States.

Enghdal refers to Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard, which sought to marginalize power across Europe and Asia. While I agree that this was Brzezinski's goal, Engdahl claims that its purpose was to maintain U.S. dominance. But I think that even the most marginally awake person can clearly see that U.S. supremacy is simultaneously being destroyed. But Enghdal is speaking to a U.S. audience via "Real" News, and therefore does not provide any hint that Brzezinski also sought to marginalize U.S. power so that there could be no challenge to the Globalist's Full Spectrum Dominance.

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Engdahl on Full Spectrum Dominance
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