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 Resilient Communities (RC's)

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Resilient Communities (RC's) Empty
PostSubject: Resilient Communities (RC's)   Resilient Communities (RC's) EmptyFri 09 Apr 2010, 4:54 pm

RC's are nothing more than neo-feudal townships too weak to defend themselves against global oligarchs who just transferred approx $45T of the world's wealth to themselves.

We ought to be talking about putting these criminals in jail and repatriating the funds instead of creating a world system (total social breakdown) where these psychopathic criminals are allowed to prey on weak communities with vastly underpowered defenses compared to the DARPA systems available to these oligarchs.

Unfortunately, RC's are being sold to the Greenies and the Don't-Tread-on-Me Patriot communities as solutions to our current problems of ecological balance and government infringement. But it's a trap, being pushed by the same forces that are currently crashing the global economy.

Quote :
Wednesday, 30 January 2008

It should be clear, as we watch the gyrations and excesses of
global markets, that no organization/state/group has any meaningful
control over its direction. The same is true for almost every other
aspect of globalization, from the environment to transnational crime to
energy flows. In short, we've lost control and our collective future is
in the hands of a morally neutral system that is operating in ways that
we don't fully understand (nor will we). The best defense against this
emerging situation is not to call for new Manhattan projects or global
treaties or Marshall plans, which won't work since we can neither
marshal the resources necessary nor collectively agree on anything other
than the most basic rules of connectivity, it is to slowly introduce
organic stability into out global system. The concept I've latched onto
as a solution is what I call the resilient community.

This conceptual model creates a set of new services that allow the
smallest viable subset of social systems, the community (however you
define it), to enjoy the fruits of globalization without being
completely vulnerable to its excesses. These services are configured to
provide the ability to survive an extended disconnection from the
global grid in the following areas (an incomplete list):

  • Energy.
  • Food.
  • Security (both active and passive).
  • Communications.
  • Transportation.
The resilient community has broad applicability beyond just
improving the ability of those of us in developed economies to preserve
wealth and a quality of life despite severe system shocks. It can also
be applied to the problems of counter-insurgency in semi-modern urban
environment (to radically update a process that was built for the last
century) and provide the potential for organic development in
underdeveloped areas of the world. The key is that we need to support
the open source efforts currently underway to expand this capability
underway such as the transition
towns movement to MIT's low tech solutions effort.

I touched on this concept in Brave
New War and here on this blog. Might need to put out a short book
that really explores the concept in a way that allows people to get
their heads around it.
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Resilient Communities (RC's)
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