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 Cyberpower and the Cognitive Domain

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Cyberpower and the Cognitive Domain Empty
PostSubject: Cyberpower and the Cognitive Domain   Cyberpower and the Cognitive Domain EmptyThu 11 Mar 2010, 7:09 pm

Military Perspectives on Cyberpower (2009)

Military Cyberpower Operational Constructs: The Capstone Concept for Joint Operations (CCJO) broadly describes how future joint forces are expected to operate across the range of military operations in 2012–2025 in support of strategic objectives.

"Information operations comprise electronic warfare (EW), psychological operations (PSYOP), computer network operations (CNO), military deception, and operations security (OPSEC). In turn, CNO includes computer network attack (CNA), computer network defense (CND), and computer network exploitation (CNE)."

Chapter 2 - A Unified Field Theory for Full-Spectrum Operations:
Cyberpower and the Cognitive Domain

Brigadier General Jeffrey G. Smith, Jr.
Cyberpower and the Cognitive Domain BGSmithJr_web
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The author’s objective is modest enough: to nudge our current battle command construct from its doctrinal position as “C2 function” (C2 = "command & control") overseeing largely physical operations within the expeditionary environment, to the cognitive operation at the core of our operational unified field theory, the objective of which is the collective brains of Blue (friendly), Gray (neutral), and Red (adversarial) constituencies. Within Army Field Manual 3.0, under the title “Information Tasks,” there is a tantalizing hint of the way forward. The mission of a new operational category called “information engagement” is to “influence the behavior of target audiences.”

The subject of this article, then, is battle command in the cognitive age. Although the terms and shapes of the unified field theory and its operational model are provisional, their insights are meant to apply equally to Blue, Gray, and Red constituencies, and tested over time against historical, current, and future operational circumstances. I’ve settled on cognition as the core activity within the operational environment (OE) because it is the mental activity from which the will to war originates, through which operational activity is organized, and by which war is resolved via a series of forced or negotiated accommodations among populations. The categories within the cognitive domain are not meant to echo the important taxonomical work of Benjamin Bloom, for it is the collective brain and its derived collective behavior that is of operational consequence within the operational environment. The activities I’ve categorized within the cognitive domain are more likely the product of observation, whether those of operational genius (Sun Tzu, Alexander, Wellington, and Grant, among others), personal experience, or extensive discussion with veterans.
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Cyberpower and the Cognitive Domain
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