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 Quiet Man Does A Turnabout ("Sully" Sullenberger)

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Quiet Man Does A Turnabout ("Sully" Sullenberger) Empty
PostSubject: Quiet Man Does A Turnabout ("Sully" Sullenberger)   Quiet Man Does A Turnabout ("Sully" Sullenberger) EmptyWed 10 Mar 2010, 1:26 pm

Here is the man who was a true hero, brave, resourceful and self-contained about all the acclaim that came his way. Yet nows, not that many months after the perfect crash landing that saved all lives aboard his aircraft, there is a change and he is seemingly a different person (and Not a particularly pleasant one.)

Where did the taciturn hero of yesterday go? Are there forces out there who work to destroy the heroic image of those whom we (rightfully) admire?
Did someone or ones, get to Sully??--That is the question.
See article below:
"Pilot Sullenberger spins life lessons from Hudson landing
Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger III apparently has thought
a lot in the past year about how the experience of someone who
saved 155 lives in less time it takes to read this article
translates for people who probably never will face such a trial."


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Quiet Man Does A Turnabout ("Sully" Sullenberger)
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