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 Eustace Mullins on the Simulacrum

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Eustace Mullins on the Simulacrum Empty
PostSubject: Eustace Mullins on the Simulacrum   Eustace Mullins on the Simulacrum EmptyFri 19 Feb 2010, 8:45 pm

Eustace Mullins' Last Interview, with Jan Irvin - On False Leadership
  • Gold & Silver Standard is another form of control
  • Patriot movement is full of False Leaders
  • They have Full Spectrum Control
  • The Want to Dump the Federal Reserve System

Original full interview

Part 1

Part 2


P.S. Hey Jan, while I don't know Zarlinga, Kucinich and McKinney are part of the program too.

"For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root."
David Thoreau (1817-1862)
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Eustace Mullins on the Simulacrum
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