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 Why you cant vote them out.

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Why you cant vote them out. Empty
PostSubject: Why you cant vote them out.   Why you cant vote them out. EmptyTue 09 Feb 2010, 11:20 pm

Why You Can't Vote Them Out
By: mac Sperry

Pt. 1: First, You Get A Vote
A Real Vote

You've heard it before. They just nonchalantly say: "Well, why don't you just vote them out?" But they don't understand, as you are about to, that the reason you can't vote them out, is because you probably have never actually voted them in.
The following trilogy of articles presents new evidence that the apparatus to steal the U.S. citizen vote not only exists, but has been with us since at least the 1880's. Part 1 deals with its key element, the introduction of vote secrecy in the mid 1800s. Vote secrecy still remains in place and operative today, over 130 years later.

Wanna' Know A Secret?
The Vote Hasn't Always Been, "Secret"!
Prior to the secret vote and for the better part of the first 100 years, voting in the U.S. was conducted viva voce, or by "voice vote". The rolls were called, voters stepped forward and anyone within hearing distance could, in parallel with the registrar, witness and notate an individuals vote. The results were rightfully considered irrefutable, beyond dispute.
Then, before the Civil War, some states began to experiment with various kinds of "ballots", that brought with them confidentiality at the expense of witness based verification. Later during the 1880s, the confidential vote formally morphed into the "secret ballot", a ballot of enhanced secrecy which is sometimes called the "Australian ballot" where it first appeared. The secret ballot is still with us today. I claim and will provide compelling evidence, that it was the subtle, though lethal effect of confidentiality (secrecy), that has been the primary enabling characteristic of vote fraud over the last 130 years.

Vote Secrecy Doesn't Eliminate Vote Fraud
It Enables It
Vote secrecy has been so pervasively sold to the public, that the average person can't even consider how inane it really is. Vote secrecy is very much like the shell game in which the “sucker” can't see the pea, because it is covered by an opaque shell. If the shells were made of clear glass so that the pea could be seen, the game would be impossible and the sucker couldn't be fooled. Vote fraud through vote secrecy operates in the same manner.
At the core of this Orwellian head trick, is that the one term, "vote secrecy", confusedly identifies two issues: voter secrecy and vote secrecy. This causes the confused voter to demand "the sanctity of the secret vote", while all that's actually required is, "the sanctity of the secret voter"

Voter Secrecy, Yes – Vote Secrecy, No
Of course the voters identity should be kept secret, but why their vote? As an example, I am going to show you the actual votes for President in the 2004 election of ten of my neighbors. They have warned me that they will all sue me if I violate their "right" to vote secrecy, but I'm foolish and am going to do it anyway. Their votes are: Bush, Kerry, Bush, Kerry, Kerry, Bush, Bush, Kerry, Kerry, Bush. Now, which one belongs to neighbor 1, neighbor 2....... neighbor 9, neighbor 10, Do you get it? The votes can't be linked to the voter because the voters name is secret, not their vote.
Consider that you and everyone else openly broadcasts sensitive personal information to everyone within visual distance. Information that is directly linked to your SSN, your address, your phone number and virtually every piece of private information about you. Yet nobody complains or even cares about it. I'm talking about the license plate on your automobile, an identifier that can be traced to you personally, but no one cares because it is an anonymous identifier that can only be accessed by authorities.
Why should you care if someone else sees your vote, if they can't tell it's you that cast it. The importance of this is that the ability to see your vote "as cast", enables you to verify that the vote you cast is the vote that got counted, something that would halt vote fraud in its tracks. The process is sometimes called E2E for end-to-end verification and is virtually identical to bankings time honored receipt/statement audit system. It is also at the heart of the proposed "solution" to our problems in Pt. 3.

more - http://www.howtorescueamerica.org./trilogy.html
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Why you cant vote them out.
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