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 Condoms with N-9 increase your chance of getting HIV

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Condoms with N-9 increase your chance of getting HIV Empty
PostSubject: Condoms with N-9 increase your chance of getting HIV   Condoms with N-9 increase your chance of getting HIV EmptyMon 18 Jan 2010, 4:00 pm

Those who’ve used condoms have indubitably run into the “with Nonoxynol-9″ label. Yes, it is advertised as a “spermicide,” but how many users have ever bothered to look up/research the substance? Well, IF anyone does, they’ll find out that even the WHO (another group with ties to eugenics) had to admit that Nonoxynol-9 increases the risk of HIV transmission. Yes, you read that correctly. Increases.
So, how stupid do they think the general public is and how non-critical do they judge that public mind? Note how the summary contradicts the entire article:
“Condoms should not include N-9 for any use. However, if the only condom available has N-9, it is better than no condom.“
You hear that? That is the sound of the nebulous them laughing at you. We already know, without doubt, that the condom does not, in any way, act as a barrier to HIV transmission. Yet, the WHO’s recommendation is that you use something which they admit increases your risk of HIV. So, for the same general public, I’ll mimic them and and summarize fact in the most general of terms:
“Use condoms with N-9, and increase your risk of contracting AIDS, rather than no condom at all, because you little pissant, we don’t give a shit about you. All we want is your money. Should you get AIDS, guess what? Our pharmaceutical division will get a hell of a lot more of your money before you die [leaving little for your pathetic excuse for a family]. A lot more than the negligible amount you spend on condoms, because you’re such a loser, you probably never get laid anyway.”


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Condoms with N-9 increase your chance of getting HIV
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