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 Campaign For Liberty

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PostSubject: Campaign For Liberty   Campaign For Liberty EmptyFri 11 Dec 2009, 12:36 pm

The other day I typed out a whole long thread about my concerns with Campaign For Liberty having been infiltrated at the top to neutralize and then kill it. I dared criticize it at rpf and ______________, freaked out and ratted me out to Debbie Hopper (the person in charge of members at C4L). Then Debbie Hopper contacted my state coordinator and suggested that I be relieved of my position as county coordinator. I spoke with her at length and then decided that rather than wear a muzzle in exchange for my title I would step down.

I have concerns about Hopper-- a holdover from the presidential campaign-- and __________ relationship. _________position as moderator at _____, her heavy handed moderating style and manipulation of members there to shut people down she doesn't like (I've seen it over and over as I'm sure you all have, too). I have concerns about Hopper's relationship with John Tate, the big dog at C4L, who is also a holdover from the campaign and last bot not least the relationship between the 2 of them and a Michael I. Rothfeld. Apparently Hopper and Rothfeld were working together in 94 when she hired him to do a training for the Constitution Party convention.

Now I'm not the best at researching people and connections, but what I have found-- through cursory internet searches and telephone conversations with both Nancy and Debbie-- really raises my hackles.

I'm linking here to two threads-- the first is the one where I apparently said the bad things that set off _______ to rat me out to Debbie and then caused Debbie to contact my state coordinator. The second is a more recent back and forth where you can see what most of the issues I have with C4L are and some supporting info about why I now think ______ is the cointelpro at _____. I have reason to believe that _________ is also involved in this to some degree.

Thread 1: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=220443
Thread 2: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=220611

More info in this thread: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=221291

Also, just for the record, my state coordinator and the other county and local coordinators are pretty much in agreement with me and are behind me 100%.

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Silent Wind

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For Liberty   Campaign For Liberty EmptyFri 11 Dec 2009, 11:56 pm

Just went through all links that you provided. One that caught my attention was "how many times are you going to move this thread". I am now an official Buyer Beware to all of these groups. C4L called me one time and I declined donation. I used to donate to Downsize DC but cancelled that donation.

It is of my opinion that all of these groups are there to get you involved in the game regardless of where you stand. Participating in their games consumes your time, energy, and money. $550 for the 3 day event, WOW.

Nice job on calling them out on what you feel/believe/know is going on and wrong.
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For Liberty   Campaign For Liberty EmptyWed 23 Dec 2009, 9:59 pm

The entire Libertarian movement is totally controlled. The inner circle of that political fascade contains some of the best saboteurs I've ever seen, and they are at every level.

If the public is going to win this battle, then it is going to have to do it on its own, devoid of any of the existing political frameworks, for they have all been assimilated into the Globalist machine.
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For Liberty   Campaign For Liberty EmptyThu 24 Dec 2009, 11:31 am

Yep, they just suck people in, to waste away their time and resources, to waste away their desire to rebel against the system. If everyone who donated to this stuff used those resources to make themselves independent, to develop small methods of food production, to stockpile weapons, to give themselves the ability to be sovereign in every sense of the word, then on top of that take all the resources everyone is spending on entertainment or luxury items, and redirect it to personal sovereignty as well - then the system would lose the control that it has. Politics, including C4L, is just a big distraction from what needs to be done if you don't want to be a slave, nearly everything in our society is just a distraction.
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Ben Steigmann

Ben Steigmann

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For Liberty   Campaign For Liberty EmptyWed 26 May 2010, 5:28 am

Has anybody done any work towards producing a Left Gatekeepers style chart for the Libertarians?

I do think, though, that it might be helpful, while creating awareness, to simultaneously take some of what is good from Libertarian Economic thought (I'm thinking of Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson), and Combine it with Georgist Policies and Public banks as proposed by the Greenback Movement and Ellen Brown. That is, eliminate all taxes except the Georgist Land tax, and get rid of private ownership of the money supply.

These are systemic changes that I believe could produce effects alleviating much of this tyranny. The following comes from another forum, and may help us in figuring out possible political solutions (to the extent that this is profitable)

Quote :
Now, if I had my way, we'd all unite behind the following reform measures:

* Institute fair and equal ballot access criteria.

* Enact both Congressman Ron Paul's Freedom Debate Act and Senator Herb Kohl's Weekend Voting Act.

* Repeal both the Federal Election Campaign Act and Bipartisan Campaign "Reform" Act.

* Institute instant runoff voting for Presidential, U.S. Senate, and gubernatorial elections.

* Institute proportional representation for both U.S. House and state house elections.

* Mandate the use of hand-counted paper ballots for all elections.

* Require all election ballots to include a binding NOTA option.

* Enact the Internet Freedom Preservation Act.

* Repeal the Telecommunications "Reform" Act.

* Repeal the "Patriot" Act, Homeland "Security" Act, Military Commissions Act, Presidential Directive 51, and any and all other post-9/11 police state expansion measures.

* Abolish corporate personhood.

* Abolish the CIA.

* Abolish FEMA.

* Put all derivatives-infected mega-banks through Chapter 11 bankruptcy and, in the reorganization proceedings, legally void all of their derivatives contracts.

* Liquidate all of the ill-gotten assets of criminal scam artists such as Henry Paulson and Bernard Madoff, and use the resultant proceeds to help replenish whatever retirement funds they raided.

* Replace our current debt-based money system with a debt-free "Greenback" money system, whereby all new money -- instead of being loaned into circulation at interest -- is spent into circulation at no interest. (More on this here.)

* Institute a new round of international agreements modeled on the Bretton Woods Accords, with an aim towards replacing the current “floating” exchange rates for national currencies with a fixed rate that, as such, is pegged to the value of either an agreed-upon standardized price index or an agreed-upon “basket” of diverse, widely available, everyday commodities. (More on this here.)

* Bring an immediate end to our imperialist, terroristic, hornets' nest-stirring foreign policy, and pass the hundreds of billions in resultant tax savings onto the bottom 90% of income earners.

* Eliminate federal involvement in so-called "education" and pass the nearly $50 billion in savings onto the bottom 90%.

* Shift the tax burden to the greatest extent possible off the privately created values of labor and capital goods and onto the publicly created value of land. (More on this here and here.)

* Use antitrust action to break up the oil cartel, while simultaneously educating the masses about the manufactured myth of "peak oil."

* Withdraw the U.S. from both NAFTA and the WTO.

* Enact the American Sovereignty Restoration Act.

* Reverse the occupational licensing-caused cartelization of the American economy.

* Relegalize alternative medicine.

* Outlaw both tainted vaccines and the fluoridation of our water supplies.

* End the insane drug war.

* Repeal all federal gun control laws.

But if there were only two things most of us could agree on, I would hope it would be election reform and monetary reform.


"Would the essence of slavery change if the rules at a slave auction permitted a slave to choose between the two highest bidders for himself? Could the fact that he made such a choice be interpreted as his sanction for his chains? How can it be argued that the citizen is free in a democracy when he has the choice of two candidates if neither candidate is willing to recognize his right to freedom?"

-- James Bovard, Freedom In Chains, p. 132

"Voting symbolizes the equality of people, premised on the fact that no person has an inherent right to exercise coercive power over other people. But voting is not enough. The more that voting is glorified as a panacea, the more lackadaisical people are about knowing or defending their rights as citizens. The point is not to abolish elections, but to recognize that elections are a dubious means to safeguard people's rights, liberties, and vital interests."

-- James Bovard, Freedom In Chains, p. 139

"In politics a person is not a citizen if the person's only function is to vote. Voters choose people who, in turn, act like citizens. They argue. They establish the forms within which people live their lives. They make politics. The people who merely vote for them merely make politicians. People who argue for their positions in a town meeting are acting like citizens. People who simply drop scraps of paper in a box or pull a lever are not acting like citizens; they are acting like consumers picking between prepackaged items. They had nothing to do with the items. All they can do is pick what is. They cannot actively participate in making what should be."

-- Karl Hess, Community Technology, p. 10

"Social reform is not to be secured by noise and shouting; by complaints and denunciation; by the formation of parties, or the making of revolutions; but by the awakening of thought and the progress of ideas. Until there be correct thought, there cannot be right action; and when there is correct thought, right action will follow. Power is always in the hands of the masses of men. What oppresses the masses is their own ignorance, their own short-sighted selfishness."

-- Henry George, Social Problems, p. 242
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Ben Steigmann

Ben Steigmann

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For Liberty   Campaign For Liberty EmptyWed 26 May 2010, 6:00 am

from: http://libertyrevival.wordpress.com/documents/economic-conspiracy/

Economic Conspiracy

Mises, Marx, and Keynes is the false left/right paradigm of banker fascism. The Georgist school of political economy considers Mises, Marx, and Keynes to be the main schools of neo-classical economics.

Mises arbitarily distributes wealth to the individual, often in the hands of the corporations and non-productive elite. Keynes arbitarily distributes wealth to the individual and public equally, and often in the hands of the corporations and non-productive elite. Marx arbitarily distributes wealth to the public, and often in the hands of the corporations and non-productive elite. All three schools of neo-classical economics are designed to steal from the worker and give to the elite. They are setup to oppose each other as false paradigms, while together, they slowly enslave the people.

The Georgist school of political economy, or classical economics of the classic liberals and classic progressives, existed largely uncorrupted into the 1900s. Henry George built upon the well-intended men before him. After Henry George, it all quickly went to the pot as the Rockefeller Foundation reached their tenacle of corruption into the understanding of political economy. Henry George was able to respond in the beginning by calling Karl Marx what he was, a fascist, when he learned of Karl Marx, while he dismissed the absurbities of other neo-classical economists who also appeared on the scene.

Henry George was self-published in 1879. He quickly became the best-selling and most-influential American economist. He inspired the Monopoly board game, though you won’t find that information from Hasbro. You just have to know who inspired the Monopoly board game. He was the most principled man in politics. His son, Henry George, Jr., refused to be the candidate for governor of New York because he felt he could best serve the public by writing a book on his father, as he gave a scathing criticism of the hard currency advocates within his own party in his rejection. However, it wasn’t long until Henry George was erased from the American memory and deleted from the American history books and economic textbooks, despite winning accolades from greats like Albert Einstein, MLK, Winston Churchill, Leo Tolstoy, Milton Friedman, and many others. Leading Georgist, Dr. Mason Gaffney, wrote a compelling essay, “The Strategem Against Henry George“, describing the conspiracy to delete the genius and macroeconomic understanding of Henry George from humanity. He also joined with Fred Harrison to write The Corruption of Economics.

The Marx conspiracy is probably the most obvious since it is obvious rule by the elite. It is fascism with a pretty ribbon, where the bankers and corporations have an absolute monopoly.

The Keynes conspiracy is the mainstream conspiracy. However, it is starting to become clear to the people that the republican democracy is a myth. It is starting to become clear that our government serves the banking and corporate elite, and not the people and rule of law.

The Mises conspiracy is a little less obvious since it most emulates classical liberalism, though corrupting the understanding. However, the cautious student of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and libertarianism will realize that things aren’t adding up.

The land issue, as shown by Henry George, several of the founding fathers, and among many other great people around the world and throughout history, is the most obvious corruption of neo-libertarian philosophy. You only have to look at a few quotes to see the issue was at one time in history clearly understood.

One of the most difficult to uncover is the hard currency advocation since currency is a complicated topic, requiring abstract thinking skills to understand. Lincoln faced the issue directly when he refused to pay high interest on gold to finance the Civil War. Henry George touched on the issue, as promoted at the American Monetary Institute by Stephen Zarlenga, and discussed in The Science of Political Economy. The Founding Fathers, whether they praise soft currency or not, used it to finance the American Revolution, and the States used soft currencies because the people had fertile land but no gold to trade among themselves, as the gold they did have was quickly used to trade with Europe. Stephen Zarlenga gives a long view in “Economics: A Clandestine Religion Masquarading As A Science.”

Adam Smith described several of the currencies in history. We learn from history that gold fiat has been the currency of choice by tyrants throughout history. It was the currency of choice for the Federal Reserve when it was created in 1913 and when we entered the Great Depression. We learn that soft currencies, such as the Tally Stick, was used for hundreds of years, building the wealth of the British empire.

If one does have the abstract thinking skills to understand monetary issues, they realize that deflation, like inflation, is theft. They understand that the current system is not a public paper fiat, but rather a private monopoly of debt fiat, and that replacing the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve lending with a public paper fiat would create the need for a monetary expansion to prevent deflation that could end income taxation and pay off the national debt.

Whereas, they would understand going onto a gold standard would further complicate the deflationary effect of coming off fractional reserve lending and massively destroy wealth and economic production. They would understand gold would increase in value to the net economic production of the nation when used as a currency, rather than the intrinsic value of gold, causing deflation. They would understand that the gold standard would require an increase in taxation to control the deflation and to pay interest on the national debt. They would understand that 30-year mortgages would be very risky with a high threat of deflation. Gold and silver are best left in the free market, where people can choose to store their wealth in whatever commodity they deem of value, including gold and silver, free of the corruption of the state.

We should end the Federal Reserve, end fractional reserve lending, have the U.S. government print debt-free money to replace the fractional reserves with real reserves as private debt is paid. The U.S. government can use the debt-free money to pay off the national debt and issue significant tax refunds to every citizen. We can do this without causing inflation with a debt-free paper fiat if we end the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve lending.

If you understand that last statement, you realize how corrupt the media and foundations are, including the Libertarian foundations. Lew Rockwell and the goldbug Libertarians are funded by foundations to blind you with gold, giving you an even more flawed monetary system, which favors those with most of the gold, the international banking cartel, so you won’t see the full truth of what ending the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve lending really means for the working class.

The working class don’t even understand why politicians and the wealthy like a huge national debt. The national debt is welfare for the rich. The working class pays half their income taxes to pay interest on the national debt to the bond holders, while the bond holders pay half of their income taxes to pay interest on the national debt to themselves.

Ultimately, monetary policy is about who controls the quantity of money. The most transparent method of giving the most control to most people is the use of public paper fiat, with commodities left in the free market as a store of wealth. This gives the most oversight and transparency for the people. It provides them with transparent markets in savings and loans. It provides them the most freedom to choose commodities they want to use to store their wealth. Leaving currency strictly to the free market would make the supply unmanageable, the value of the currency volatile, and place the control of the economy in the hands of large private banks rather than the people who wish to use currency for trade.

However, short of extensive and broad macroeconomics study, perspective, and understanding, one can realize the Ludwig von Mises Institute is a conspiracy.

“Many readers may be surprised to learn the extent to which the Graduate Institute and then Mises himself in the years immediately after he came to United States were kept afloat financially through generous grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. In fact, for the first years of Mises’s life in the United States, before his appointment as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University (NYU) in 1945, he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation.” – Richard M. Ebeling, The Life and Works of Ludwig von Mises

More information can be found in the first section of “The Austrian Deception: Aristocrats and False Paradigms” or briefly from an article on Snopes, ”Mr. Anonymous and the Not-So-Spontaneous Birth of the Libertarian Movement.”

It should be noted that among the Libertarian elite, including David Nolan, Harry Browne, and even some of the members of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Henry George is recognized glowingly but rarely promoted by their foundations to the libertarian masses, who are largely brainwashed anarcho-capitalists, falsely believing Henry George is a neo-classical progressive or socialist. There is some common ground with the Green and true Left, such as Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney, who promote the principles of Henry George, though corrupted by more Marxist leanings.

Furthermore, classical Libertarians generally promote principles of Cicero’s Natural Law, principles of right and wrong, principles of inalienable rights, and the original anarchist schools of Proudhon, Spooner, and Tucker, while the neo-libertarians generally promote the egoist schools where to the victor goes the spoils under Spencer, Stirner, and Ayn Rand, where the mythical and magical hand of self-interest will bring an altruistic order out of chaos.

The two schools end up fighting over the classical liberals, though it should be evident by the Constitution, that the classical liberals followed Natural Law rather than egoist philosophies of anarcho-capitalism. The U.S. Post Office is hardly anarcho-capitalism.

Classical Libertarians don’t have to spend their time apologizing for Ludwig von Mises with Murray Rothbard, apologizing for objectivist Alan Greenspan, or even apologizing for the deficit spending, corporate welfare, trickle-down, supply-side, military industrial complex Reaganomics. Classical Libertarians don’t carry the baggage of neocons, nor do they carry the baggage of social darwinism, Malthus, and eugenics, which stem from your egoist philosophies and which were debunked by the Georgist school of political economy.

The classical Libertarians look more like your modern embodiment of the founding fathers, whereas, the neo-libertarians following anarcho-capitalism look more like statist, feudal, and aristrocratic thieves, stealing from the people with their statist ownership of land, taken by force, which violates Libertarian principle, and their theft through deflation and statist gold fiat, where the government only accepts payment of taxes in gold and silver, favoring those who are capable of hording gold or who mine gold over those who were born without a silver spoon to buy their own land, start their own business, or horde their own gold.

Since classical Libertarians are correct and address the economic issues in a honest manner, the classical Libertarians have the ability to draw from the Left and Right, resulting in greater political power. Your vulgar Libertarians are regulated to merely an extreme Right-wing idealogy of a gold hording, land stealing, and Kool-Aid drinking cult of economic anarchists and financial racketeers, incapable of achieving political success since they don’t adequately address the concerns of the broader population.

Because of Mises, Marx, and Keynes, we’ve allowed ourselves to become ignorant and brainwashed masses, losing our understanding of economics, cheerleading the people who enslave us, and losing our understanding of the greats like Moses, Cicero, Jesus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln, Henry George, Ghandi, and MLK, who worked to free us from the tyrants, the ruling elite, the aristocrats, the slave owners, the monarchs, the robber barons, the monopoly men, the banking elite, and the corporate elite.

There are no free lunches. When the globalist sees their Texan land increase in value, a Texan will have to one day buy that globalist a lunch. When the globalist sees their Texan gold currency increase in value, a Texan will have to one day buy that globalist a lunch. Rent is defined as unearned wealth. Rent is theft. Rent is economic conspiracy when it serves private interests rather than public interests.
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Campaign For Liberty
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