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 Maybe You Don't Belong Here!

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Maybe You Don't Belong Here! Empty
PostMaybe You Don't Belong Here!

Perhaps you think that you are awake.

Maybe you think that alternative media and opposition groups are fighting for the publics well being.

Alternatively, you are focused on working through the political establishment to enact "change."

Or, could it be that you think that we're on the Mayan Calendar schedule?

Or, maybe its just that Peak Oil & Peak Population are recurring nightmares for you?

Unfortunately, it is most likely that whatever it is that you "think," the thoughts that you have did not originate from within yourself, but were put there by an incredibly sophisticated of mass pursuasion.

So, can you handle breaking those life long vectors that make-up your belief system? Is that really what you seek to do, even with all of the unintended consequences that come with it? Are you prepared to lose friends, become distant from family members, and perhaps lose your financial livelihood? Can you stomach understanding real evil emanating from highly pyschopathic men and women? Can you handle the fact that virtually all of the people who appear to be fighting for your well being are not really doing so?

Well, if you don't think you can walk down this road, then don't. Don't register here, don't login, and don't read these forums. It will not be healthy for you.

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Maybe You Don't Belong Here! :: Comments

Re: Maybe You Don't Belong Here!
Post Fri 23 Oct 2009, 7:20 pm by incognito
Don't worry about me IP, I have safeguarded all my windows to 'foil' the attacks!


Please carry on...

Maybe You Don't Belong Here!

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