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 Ukraine is heavy burden for the EU!

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Ukraine is heavy burden for the EU! Empty
PostSubject: Ukraine is heavy burden for the EU!   Ukraine is heavy burden for the EU! EmptyThu 21 Aug 2014, 8:47 am

Ukraine is heavy burden for the EU! Well I like it, guys! Sick and tired of that continued grumbling of Europeans!! First they were temptating us into that precious European Union. Then they made here that bloody stir we still can't stop. And when they became at last aware of the sums they are to invest into reanimation of the country they decided to drop it just! Well I like it! It's so typical of Europe.
I suspect, EU officials have forgotten one vital thing. The EU depends strongly on gas supplies via our territory!! Our politicians have been reluctant to employ this leverage to influence EU politicians. They just didn't want to spoil relationship with the EU at all. It's drastically different with Americans who are actually in charge of most things here, our Gas Transport System including! Americans are cool and they will brave it to close the tube unless the EU stops grumbling!! I guess they'll find the money for Ukraine quiclkly then!
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Ukraine is heavy burden for the EU!
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