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 Speaking about sports

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PostSubject: Speaking about sports   Speaking about sports EmptyWed 12 Feb 2014, 10:00 am

What a real Olympic spirit! All athletes are great. Haven't seen such international friendship and mutual supportiveness since Turin. I came here with great bias against Russians. But to the end of the first day I was just interested in Canadian athletes' victory. And after the opening ceremony began the remnants of negativity has gone. In spite some small faults it was really awesome and full of love to the host country and the Sports Brotherhood. And this spirit isn't gone up till now. I'm proud of Justin Wadsworth helped a Russian skier to finish race and of Alexandre Bilodeau hugging his physically challenged brother, and of sisters Dufour-Lapointe and all our winners. I couldn't hold back the tears during those moments. And I'm very grateful to Russians for opening the door to such incredible sports celebration.
Here we are enjoying ourselves in Sochi. No bias. No politics. Just sports!
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Speaking about sports
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