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 EU tries to teach Americans sense

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EU tries to teach Americans sense Empty
PostSubject: EU tries to teach Americans sense   EU tries to teach Americans sense EmptyFri 07 Feb 2014, 11:27 am

As soon as Americans have blamed Russia for the leak of bugged phone conversation about Ukraine between two senior US diplomats (theguardian. com/world/2014/feb/06/us-russia-eu-victoria-nuland), EU officials' Ukraine conversation also mysteriously uploaded on the Internet.
It was the EU Deputy Secretary General, Helga Schmid, who made in German her negative comments about the US allies' activity in Ukraine to Jan Tombinski, the EU ambassador to Ukraine now.
To all seeming the online publication of both diplomatic conversations on Ukraine has been designed by Europeans to spoil relations between Americans and Russians completely, as well as, to give America the lesson for its attempts to make Europe dependant on Washington's will, eh?
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EU tries to teach Americans sense
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