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 Duck Dynasty??

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Duck Dynasty?? Empty
PostSubject: Duck Dynasty??   Duck Dynasty?? EmptySat 21 Dec 2013, 7:56 pm

IMHO, Duck Dynasty's entire reason for being--i strongly suspect-- is to mock America and to imply that Americans-- and their "values"-- are simply "dumb as rocks." Surprised that no one seems to see how embarrassing this show is meant to be --I for one don't feel that "Yee-haw!" typifies MY values. Ha! Utterly sad!

AND.. I don't believe ANYONE really/actually watches this show;.. i think it's all a Potemkin Village kind of operation. Yep, what we call a practical joke.- and that the globalists delight in laughing at us & our "stupid patriotism".. The entire buildup to this farcical affair had all the familiar earmarks of all of their previous "MEMEs":..just noise, melodrama and caricatured people.
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Duck Dynasty??
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