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 Taliban partisans in USA – can it be so?

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Taliban partisans in USA – can it be so? Empty
PostSubject: Taliban partisans in USA – can it be so?   Taliban partisans in USA – can it be so? EmptyWed 29 May 2013, 9:15 am

There are many weird things happening in Afghanistan actually. They are really hard to understand, which makes them even more alarming. My brother Ron back from Afghanistan a month ago or so has told me rather a worrisome story still stuck in his memory.
As you know our military forces oppose Taliban in Afghanistan. So once at night when my brother was on guard in his unit some swarthy man looking like a Muslim approached him just out of the blue. He was a Taliban line-crosser. Ron even has no time to shoot. The stranger fell on his knees and begged to listen to him. He had rather a good command of American English. And he just drove my brother into shock when he stated that he was "Egypt-born American citizen" and that he "hates it to kill Americans both in Afghanistan and USA to please Taliban"! He also told that in Afghanistan they "were accumulating war experience for further use against Americans on their own territory"!!
So Ron never saw that man again. Some interested secret service guys took him away. And Ron never told this story to anybody before. But the words of the stranger are really alarming! To sum it all up, Taliban has been recruiting just in the USA American citizens of the Middle East descent. Then they are sent to Afghanistan to get some experience of fighting our troops in Afghanistan and further in the USA! Is Taliban set to start partisan activities in America, I wonder?
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Taliban partisans in USA – can it be so?
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