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 Congratulations for all the Catholics

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Congratulations for all the Catholics Empty
PostSubject: Congratulations for all the Catholics   Congratulations for all the Catholics EmptyTue 19 Mar 2013, 9:57 am

Congratulations for all the Catholics – new Pope, Pope Francis has been elected!
Hope with all my heart he'll start the renewal process in Europe. He's the first Latin American Pope here and I see it as a good sign. People originated in Latin America are all so vigorous! They say he's authoritarian and severe .... and that he used to cooperate with a military junta or so!
All in all, I think he's just the right man to show all those Muslims their true place in Europe. Take me right. I'm not after burning their holy book Q'uran or something of the sort! But they should feel themselves somewhat subordinate to Catholic rule in Europe. That's it!
I've heard on some "Catholic Ordo" to be created to boost Catholic ways in Europe.
Perhaps that's bad news for those non-Catholics living in Europe ... for they will perhaps have to choose between living in a Catholic Europe or leaving for some other place under the Muslim rule or other.....
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Congratulations for all the Catholics
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