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  1. Fri 23 Jul 2010, 4:56 pm
    Message by Deckard - About the PPF lockdown on posts/articles
    This is from a private chat with Anti_Illuminati and Pilikia - don't make this public yet, they could ban all three of us - better all three of us are there in lurk mode:

    Quote :

    [9:11:20 PM] Lani Tasneem: He's got a screw loose IMO
    [9:11:51 PM] anti_illuminati: wso anyways we just talked to Sane about all this
    [9:11:53 PM] Lani Tasneem: dont' engage him - he's become ridiculous lately - he's a scam artist
    [9:12:09 PM] squarepusher64: can you give me cliffs on what he said
    [9:12:28 PM] anti_illuminati: he basically said that Alex is doing what his Lawyers advised him to do
    [9:12:33 PM] squarepusher64: ahahahaahah
    [9:12:44 PM] squarepusher64: 'ALEX IMPLORED PAUL JOSEPH WATSON TO DO IT'????
    [9:12:50 PM] anti_illuminati: but at the same time he knows its bullshit
    [9:13:02 PM] squarepusher64: so let me get this straight
    [9:13:04 PM] squarepusher64: Alex made the call
    [9:13:05 PM] squarepusher64: to do this
    [9:13:12 PM] anti_illuminati: apparently yeah
    [9:13:18 PM] squarepusher64: what the fuck man
    [9:13:21 PM] squarepusher64: this is disgusting
    [9:13:22 PM] anti_illuminati: he specifically said
    [9:13:32 PM] anti_illuminati: that Alex's attorneys advised him on this
    [9:13:41 PM] squarepusher64: so - it wasn't even due to any real threat
    [9:13:56 PM] squarepusher64: that's probably also the reason why Alex didn't say squat about it today
    [9:14:15 PM] squarepusher64: you know what -
    [9:14:19 PM] Lani Tasneem: I think the admin has been online most of the day reading our comments

    Make of that what you will.
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Ben Steigmann