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 "Stupid" Media?

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PostSubject: "Stupid" Media?   Wed 21 Oct 2009, 5:41 pm

Recently I received the following link, from a friend, regarding Jon Stewart skewering CNN for fact-checking a SNL skit while not fact-checking their own guests:

'Daily Show' Destroys CNN For Fact-Checking 'SNL' Instead Of Their Guests (VIDEO)

I could not understand why Stewart - a corporate media shill - would want to to make his audience aware that CNN is covering news stories about SNL and that CNN is taking those stories seriously enough to fact check them, for one of the primary current media strategies is to conflate entertainment with news, so that audiences cannot differentiate between them. So, why make the audience aware of this conflation, especially when Stewart is only pretending to be someone who is opposed to the system, but is actually playing a dialectical role that's part of the greater Simulacrum?

So, I asked my friend why would Stewart point this out, especially given that Stewart is no friend of the public? And I think my much smarter friend set me on the correct path, responding with:

Quote :
"His audience are smart young people who are aware of these things. I think what making fun of it does is make people not take it seriously and just think it happens from stupidity. It's the same as the 'Stupid Politicians' meme that the public is supposed to believe in. It's about the public thinking that the media is stupid, and therefore mitigating the seriousness of the issue."

So, Stewart plays his role in the Simulacrum by making fun of, and mocking, the conflation, thereby diffusing serious investigation of this conflation. The issue becomes a joke, and is therefore discounted as an issue.

I would refer to this as "discrediting a vector" and this is one of the primary roles of a controlled vector or media leader, such as Stewart. This is why AJ, for example, is so important, and why he must be out in-front of all major "issues" .... it is so that he can control the dialog, and therefore the audience's thinking and opinions about the "issues." If the "issue" (or vector) becomes a problem, then AJ (or Stewart) can simply send the vector into the gutter by totally discrediting it in some way, either in the eyes of their own audiences or in the minds of other public audiences.

So, in summary, it is critical for controlled media to control all sides of every vector - this includes mocking mainstream vectors. By controlling the mocking portion of a vector, they fill a vacuum before anyone else does, and thereby maintain control of all sides. In this case, Stewart grabs the entertainment-news conflation mocking vector, and secures if before anyone else can, making sure his audience does not take the issue of news-entertainment conflation seriously, so that it can be appropriately marginalized, controlled and thereby diffused (inside the "media is stupid" vector).

I sent the above out to a few friends and one replied with the following interesting comment...

Quote :
This certainly makes a lot of sense. Remember how Bush was the president that ushered in the post-911 era. The "Bush is stupid" meme was more widespread than for any other politician out there. It makes the crucial policy decisions stand up to scrutiny because one can't blame an idiot -- they don't know any better. The important part of intent and careful methodology is missing, so there is less to be angry about, because it all seems to happen spontaneously and out of the blue.

The strategy is rather potent. Republicans think that Democrats are brainwashed idiots, while the latter believe the Republicans are bible-thumping war-mongering idiots as well -- there are simply differences in the "style" of stupidity. Meanwhile, important decisions are constantly made behind the scenes, and they are never held up to be the result of the planning process of powerful interests who deliberately create agenda.

On the flip side, note that stupidity is not used to describe Islamic terrorists when stirring the hate against them -- when in reality, it would make sense oftentimes, because a 14 year old suicide bomber *is* too naive and inexperienced to understand the trap he is falling into.

I suppose this is one of the important things that enlightened, awake individuals should try to diffuse -- the illusion of stupidity in politics.
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PostSubject: Re: "Stupid" Media?   Tue 27 Oct 2009, 11:15 pm

Your friend's citing the stupid Bush meme made me think of the SNL skit that one moment showed Reagan as a blithering idiot and the next a brilliant mastermind.

This is not the vid I was thinking of but DON"T LAUGH AT THE PRESIDENT!

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PostSubject: Re: "Stupid" Media?   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 4:22 pm

yes absolutely true. In my opinion the media always win if we give them attention because they are there to do just that, to like a sorcerer, divert us and keep us looking at them while the world goes by. Democracy is a scam anyway. Democracy is just a tool to make people work harder. People who believe they are free become more innovative and creative. Look at the innovations of Stalins Soviet Union during the purges. Compare it to the creativeness and willingness to work in the american people that have individual rights and can keep the money they make and by land with it for their children to live on. The media is the real top of the pyramid. They are the controllers. They control the policians. They can destroy a politician in a day without even using a gun. The media is necessary together with mandatory education in order to make the people believe that they are living in a democracy. The media will enforce on us the direction of progress and tell us a darwinian history.
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PostSubject: Re: "Stupid" Media?   

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"Stupid" Media?
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