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 Points of Understaning

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PostSubject: Points of Understaning   Mon 26 Oct 2009, 12:16 am

Just going through my notes and found the following, which I think are probably two major points of understanding that I would like to share with others...

1. Club of Rome's First Global Revolution

  • Global Warming is manufactured to create a universal external global enemy where humanity is to blame, and therefore "man is the enemy of humanity"
  • Democracy is not suited to the problems that humanity now faces and therefore governments & democracy must be replaced by panels of experts, more suited to the complexities of global management. Hence, they are attempting to deliberately discredit our current system so that the public will support its replacement.

2. Frankfurt School of Social Research

  • Dialectic of Enlightenment says that the more enlightened/educated a public is teh more they can be controlled. This thinking was partly responsible for Carnegie institute's plans to takeover education system in early 1930's.
  • Dialectic of Mass Culture says that culture & art can be mass produced and centrally controlled in order to manage public perception. Hence, this is why your "let's go to the movies" is so important.

    Adorno actually calls both of the above items "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception"

  • Marcuse's Victim Groups takes Marx's plan to create revolution in the middle class and modifies it through the use of small controlled groups, whereby these small "victim groups' manufacture issues in order to insert dialectics into society with preplanned outcomes. So, instead of mass revolution, we now have revolution through a thousand cuts. The CIA run women's movement is a great example of this. Today, the Patriot movement is just one current manifestation, which is why so much of the patriot leadership are cointel operators.
I think that if people could see above, and where this stuff came from, without tin foil, then this would defeat 50+% of the techniques we are witnessing today.
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Points of Understaning
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