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 Haiti Conspiracy - Was Haiti an occupation?

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PostSubject: Haiti Conspiracy - Was Haiti an occupation?   Mon 25 Jan 2010, 12:17 am

First topic message reminder :

When I first heard about Haiti, I knew it wasn't a "natural disaster".

My journey for ruth about Haiti started in an amazing message board thread...

... Now I NEVER recommend people to visit ATS (AboveTopSecret.com) as it's just another military operation disguised as a "truther" site... but this thread is GOLD:
(Remember to ignore the obvious distractions from the paid shills).

It's great to see some people waking up.

From this thread I was able to connect some dots:

- SouthCom was running a disaster drill the night before the "earthquake". They were actually in Haiti just prior to the "event":

(Every false flag operation uses the cover of a drill -- everything from 9/11 to 7/7 to Oklahoma City to all school shootings. Haiti was no different.)

- There are no cracks in the pavement in Haiti. Take a look at any video or pic next to any of the rubble and the streets are in flawless condition. I even understand not a leaf of a tree fell. What's up with that? Here's just one of many videos to inspect:

- The military took over the country almost instantly. The military is refusing to accept donated products (just like during "hurricane" Katrina). I had a friend deliver a truck full of bottled water and he was refused to hand it out (and ordered at gunpoint to return back home here in Pensylvania). Same in Haiti. The only thing you can donate is cash (via that wonderful organization with the red Maltese cross). That same organization takes your donated blood and sells it for a profit to hospitals.

- The country is rich in newly-discovered oil reserves:

- The country is rich in newly-discovered gold reserves:

- One of Haiti's monopolies has some VERY interesting board members:

- Once again ZAKA was on the scene "assisting" -- it never ends with this front organization as they admit being on the scene of every false flag event:

- We know the criminal, global elite are the luckiest people as all disasters seem to benefit them... Haiti's consul in São Paulo, George Samuel Antoine, said: "This catastrophe is good for us here, it will make us known."

- And the media is using "psychic driving" in their headlines to try and convince the sheeple that this was indeed a "natural disaster"... take a look at the few headlines below (I grabbed them from Google News' first few pages):

NEWS ANALYSIS: The true cost of a natural disaster

Haiti: Natural Disasters and Religious Belief

The natural disaster in Haiti is, quite rightly, receiving a large amount of public attention, as well as US humanitarian aid.

Haiti is known simply as The Earthquake. That's because unlike hurricanes — nature's other well-known natural disaster — earthquakes get no names.

When an overwhelming natural disaster such as the Haiti earthquake kills many thousands of people, there is a natural human tendency to look for causes and assign blame.

"Realistically, I am aware of the difficulties that this terrible natural disaster has posed."

Unfortunately for us, pride is a lot more dangerous than any natural disaster.

With direct access by road from the capital, Port-au-Prince, made impossible by the natural disaster that shook the Caribbean island on January 12 and killed 75,000 people, according to current United Nations estimates, it was not until this Tuesday that mass supplies started to be delivered.

"The United States cannot use a natural disaster to militarily occupy Haiti," he told reporters at the presidential palace.

Since the natural disaster, officials at Adoption Hope International in Myrtle Beach say their agency has been flooded with calls from hundreds across the state willing to adopt those children left without a family.

While charities and other non-governmental organizations are often the first to begin rebuilding homes and other structures in the aftermath of a natural disaster, the report notes that experts in construction and other sectors should be brought into the early planning for rebuilding to make sure that structures are sound against future environmental risks.

For the first time, all major news networks have sent doctor-reporters to the scene of a natural disaster, producing a dramatic kind of participatory journalism, the Washington Post said.

After a devastating earthquake ravished the island nation of Haiti last week, the music world is coming together on Friday for a massive global telethon to raise fund's for the victims of the natural disaster.

The admiral also used the natural disaster to add credence to his concerns of having too large a portion of the Navy's carrier fleet consolidated in Hampton Roads.

One of the things I always find striking after a major natural disaster such as the recent earthquake in Haiti is how religious believers and non-believers quickly reach diametrically opposing conclusions about the implications of the disaster.

Amazing, eh?

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PostSubject: Re: Haiti Conspiracy - Was Haiti an occupation?   Fri 12 Mar 2010, 11:52 am

incognito wrote:
Look for Werlhof to go 'Amy Bishop' sometime soon.

OMG. You are right! VERY similar: neuroscience. Sheesh!
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PostSubject: Re: Haiti Conspiracy - Was Haiti an occupation?   Fri 12 Mar 2010, 1:36 pm

I hope not, but yeah the background is similar.
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PostSubject: Re: Haiti Conspiracy - Was Haiti an occupation?   Tue 11 May 2010, 1:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Haiti Conspiracy - Was Haiti an occupation?   

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Haiti Conspiracy - Was Haiti an occupation?
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