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 Is carbon dating accurate

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PostSubject: Is carbon dating accurate   Fri 01 Jan 2010, 1:13 pm

If this belongs in religion please move it.


I have never quite understood how carbon dating is established. The link above tells one how scientists use carbon dating. On a purely thought basis without science or the link above to back anything up carbon dating seems a bit contradictory to me. Carbon is created whether by creation or big bang. It is considered a basic element. From my recollection in school basic elements cannot be created or destroyed? Or does this only apply to energy? If basic material matter (elements) cannot be altered or changed to other elements than shouldn't all carbon be the same age, regardless if radioactive isotopes are added when something is alive or not? I dont claim to be a scientist by any means but it seems to me that carbon was always here and all carbon would have the same age regardless if the electron state changed or not. I do realize that if carbon in its normal state is c12 but can be changed to c14 (by living things) which would make it radioactive, then from the point of the death of something that it slowly loses its electrons (half life) then the dating could be done from that point on. To me it just seems a bit paradoxical that one can date anything universally though through elemental means (namely the age of the earth) as what is here has always been here since the beginning of the universe.

Maybe others here can touch on this subject and enlighten me and others. I do understand physicists ideas (theories) on gravitational drift and red shift to explain the age of the universe much better than I understand ageing based upon based elements.
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Is carbon dating accurate
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