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 The social rights of white Americans are shrinking.

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PostSubject: The social rights of white Americans are shrinking.   Thu 18 Dec 2014, 9:01 am

How can it be that white people in the USA see their social rights shrinking more and more? I guess it's because employers prefer to hire African-Americans and other colored minorities here for they agree to be paid smaller salaries and to work without any vacations at all!

And when a white American works next to such guys he or she is also influenced. I know that many of my friends and relatives chose to take only half their vacation days .... just to stay at work.

Well, unlike many EU countries we have some feeble labor unions unable to protect us and bring our bosses to senses! Paradoxically, now many employers take more care about proportion of the colored working for them to abide with the state's laws and caring a shit about the whites!
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The social rights of white Americans are shrinking.
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