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 Sanctions on Russia hitting economies of many countries...

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PostSubject: Sanctions on Russia hitting economies of many countries...   Tue 02 Sep 2014, 7:26 am

Sanctions on Russia hitting economies of many EU countries were imposed under the evident pressure of USA manipulators employing bugging sensitive stuff on Merkel and other EU pols.
My small firm trading in furniture to Russia is on the rocks now due to those sanctions against Russia! Those are Yankees who are actually intensely interested in making Russia weaker economically. And, hell, now I think they are no less interested in making the EU weaker too!! The EU economic growth is just thorn in their side, I am sure!
Our prime minister Alex Stubb had previously declared that Finland could seek compensation from Brussels if sanctions on Russia "hit Finland disproportionately"! Perhaps he meant some huge companies. When my small firm went down I made a desperate try to get some compensation.... All in vain!
Generally it was rather wily of Yankees, I should say. First they got that sensitive bugging stuff on Merkel and made her tame. And then they employed her to manipulate other EU pols in smaller EU countries. So smart of them!
Shall we demand those "tamed pols" must retire immediately for they are making life of ordinary Europeans, minor entrepreneurs and other really hard! Am I right, folks? I'm absolutely sure Americans have got lots of compromising stuff on many EU leading politicians!
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Sanctions on Russia hitting economies of many countries...
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